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JAMAAT is now 19!

Last year has been a roller coaster . Huge successes , some new ventures . A very sad loss when Jaidev Baghel , a genius Matsre of the traditional Indian art form , Gadhwakam passed away suddenly at the untimely age of 64 ! A big loss to mankind .
We started the year with a mini - retrospective of Sunil Das paintings of his iconic Horses and Bulls ,very well received indeed .
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Went on to do a show of Charulata , inspired by the novella by Rabindranath Tagore , movie by Satyajit Ray and painted by Gautam Mukherhjee.
After several group shows of Abstracts and Figurative paintings by several artists , we opened up the gallery's hidden treasure in " Khul Ja Sim Sim "
Chicago based Tulika Ladsariya showed a very interesting selection of paintings and installation " Work in Progress"
Then a solo show by Jaidev Baghel , with stunning sculptures in bronze done using the lost wax process .
Closed the year with layered photographs by Gita Kumar Pandit , titled " Divinity and Nature" This was a new genre for us , and the works were indeed blessed . I thanked God every time I walked into the gallery to be in the presence of such divine works ,
We opened our 16th year , with a show of drawings by Krishen Khanna , Satish Gujral ,Sunil Das , Sudhir Patwardhan , Rini Dhumal , Bairu Raghuram . Drawings is an art form that is not so prevalent now . The skill in fine draftsmen ship seems to losing its prestige . We are indeed blessed to get the best .
For the rest of the year , we plan to focus on newer genres , newer artist a, whilst continuing to work with our older artist friends , as well as the Masters of the Traditional Indian Arts .
This has been an amazing journey . Started with a passion for art , but no knowledge of the commerce of it . Started as a tribute to my Dad , Jhamat , who exposed me to the arts at the age of 6 . Hugely encouraged by my husband Jamal . God surely protects the innocent , as JAMAAT took off right from the beginning .
This is not just a gallery , it is a "Gathering" , like the name says in Urdu . I wanted it to be more than just a white cube displaying art . I wanted it to be interactive . Where the outside came in and the inside was visible out . A place for exchange of thoughts , ideas and dreams . A place of debate , discussions and solutions . A place to come , look at your leisure and enjoy. A place where the door is open to all . This was my dream .
The artists I have shown , have always been those whose works I have admired . Not only from Bombay , but all over the country . And from Sri Lanka , Bangladesh, France and the USA . From established artists to new artists . From paintings , sculpture to installations and photographs . From 2009 , we have shown the Masters of traditional Indian Art . Masters whose works are in Museums in Japan , France , Australia , UK and the USA
We have hosted plays , music recitals , book launches . Held art workshops for underprivileged kids . English language classes . Specialised workshops on different art forms .
My biggest joy is when I discover a new artist. Expose them , guide them , and watch them develop and grow . So many of my "babies" are now stars in their own right.
My biggest delight is guiding a fresh first time art buyer. Seeing their eyes light up with passion.
JAMAAT has impacted our lives hugely. Not just mine , but also my husband Jamal and our kids , Priyanka and Karan. Just being surrounded by art all your working hours is beautiful. Add the people you meet , not just the creative and crazy artists but also excited buyers , you becoming personally involved with these people. They become your friends. The places you go, the people you meet , the way you think , the way you see and hear the way you do things , what you are involved with , we have all changed.
The path I see before me is to continue adding new dimensions to JAMAAT.
My aim now is to expose and educate more and more people to the Fine Arts. Have talks , discussions , debates. Get people to interact with artists. Get artists to open up about their work.
Time and the almighty will show the way.
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